Web Content Management Solution

Web content management solutions are becoming very popular and I know from experience that some websites need content updating on a more regular basis than others. My web based content management solution will allow you to alter the content on your website at will, so you take complete control of your own site.

My php content management software has the great advantage of being very flexible and very user friendly and unlike some web content management software it creates search engine friendly web addresses. It is a browser based web page editor allowing you to add new web pages, edit existing ones or to delete older unwanted pages. So in answer to your question 'Can I update my own website?', the answer is 'YES - Update your own website whenever you want to'.

You can also upload images to your pages, and always ensure your website is up to date and your content is fresh. Updates are instant and this is an ideal solution for small to mediuam websites who are keen on keeping their website interesting and up to date.

Taking control of your site with a content management system also has great advantages as far as your search engine rankings are concerned. All search engines like to see that websites are updated regularly and favour sites that alter their content on a regular basis. My solution produces search engine friendly web pages and also allows you to create your own page titles and meta tags.

Quality web site design and meeting our customer requirements has always been first and foremost and with this in mind my content management software (CMS) adds to our range of affordable services. I can add this to your site for only USD $300.

What do we mean by Content Management?

In a nutshell we can create a web design for your internet business that allows you to update the pages of your website whenever you feel like it. You are in complete control of the content on your website and can manage the content on your web pages. There will be no need to ask your web designer to update or amend any of your text or images, you can do it yourself!

The best thing about my service is that it is ideal for 'non-technically minded' users. If you are able to use Microsoft Word you will be able to use my software. There is no limit on how many times you update your site, my software is database driven and has a reliable mysql database behind it, making it an ideal long term solution.


  • Very easy to use
  • Word style interface
  • Add, edit and delete web pages
  • Add, edit and delete images
  • Updates are live
  • Keep your content fresh
  • Search Engine friendly code
  • Database driven
  • Value for money

This software puts your content in safe hands...yours!

Should you wish me to find out more or obtain details of my online demo site please contact me.

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